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Elon GOAT Club is the NFT offering presented by Elon GOAT Token. The collection represents an historical time and place where a physical monument was built and presented to Elon Musk in honor of his contribution to cryptocurrency.

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Dapper GOATS

Are on a seemingly impossible mission to Mars. EGC GOATS are looking to plant their flag, thereby entering an elite club of those recognized by the most relevant and innovative human alive. Making history, coupled with an adoptive utility offering, will set a new standard in rarity.

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You guys did WHAT?

We started as common sheep that roamed the earth aimlessly without purpose. It became clear that our existence would be meaningless without leaving our mark on humanity. We then decided that by forming a movement and banding together, we sheep, could in fact, become GOATS!

Simple in theory, but what was our mission? Our movement required inspiration that was intrinsically tied to a leader with unrivaled attributes; a man so remarkable that we often questioned if he could even be human.

The only man on earth fit to play the role of our leader was Elon Musk. But why would a GOAT of Elon’s stature choose to acknowledge the existence of sheep like us?

This unfortunate reality sent us into a deep spiral of depression. It led to generate gambling in crypto markets and smoking the grass we once ate. Giving up was never an option but our spirits were at an all time low…

From nowhere, at 3am, a brilliant idea was tabled that would change our lives forever! A sheep of a man cried out “We must build Elon Musk a biblical sized monument on the back of a semi trailer and deliver it to his office”! This was the kind of idea that sheep often talked about, but only GOATS could execute, so the sheep… went silent. Another brazen sheep burst out and exclaimed “Elon accepting our gift would instantly turn us into GOATS”! He was right and THIS WAS IT, finally our shot at GOATNESS!

The Legend of Elon GOAT was born and Elon GOAT Club was formed to commemorate this historical day that sheep became GOATS!

Our Team

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A GOAT Needs Utility

EGT PRO was designed for GOATS that believe crypto should be disruptive, staying as far apart from existing financial infrastructure as possible.


EGC NFT’s have potential to become a highly sought after collectible if Elon claims his GOAT. The NFT also gives you VIP permissions at events EGC hosts and has enormous potential to generate royalties for holders in the future.

.08 ETH

EGC is tied to $EGT and the next major event we have planned is in Austin, Texas where we will deliver the Elon GOAT Monument to Elon’s Office. Minting an EGC NFT will get you on a luxury tour bus at the event. The bus will follow the monument to Tesla as part of a massive car rally to the decision ground where Elon is asked to claim his gift!

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